Education IT Reporter produces and publishes stories, features and news about education IT, as well as opinion and guest editorial from the industry’s thought leaders. The site is dedicated to telling the best stories about education’s backend and administrative IT technology and the people that make those stories possible. On rare occasion, the site sprinkles in views and news about a variety of other, non-education-related topics.

Scott E. Rupp
Scott E. Rupp

The site is published and managed by Scott E. Rupp, an editor and award-winning journalist who has a passion for education IT and stories about the topic. In addition to serving as a newspaper and magazine reporter, Rupp spent part of his career managing the public relations and external communications efforts for a major software vendor where his primary responsibility was telling stories of the benefits of the technology in practice.

Rupp also is the co-owner and managing partner of millerrupp, a public relations and content marketing firm that serve IT firms in a variety of sectors, including education.

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