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AI In The Classroom: A Revolutionary Tool Or A Hindrance To Learning?

Brian Sathianathan
Brian Sathianathan

By Brian Sathianathan, co-founder, Iterate.ai.

Education has undergone a massive shift in recent years due to technological advancements, with the internet and computers becoming essential tools for both students and educators. Among these technological advancements are AI-powered chat programs, which have revolutionized the way students learn.

ChatGPT is one of these language programs that has recently gained immense popularity, thanks to its ability to provide students with instant answers to their questions or prompts. This has sparked heated debate amongst educators. Some believe that AI technology like ChatGPT should be embraced, while others are quick to argue that it has no real benefits for students when it comes to learning. This article will explore both sides of the argument and examine the pros and cons of using programs like ChatGPT in educational settings.

Why Educators Should Embrace ChatGPT

Let’s begin by examining the pros when it comes to embracing AI programs like ChatGPT in schools. For one, ChatGPT is designed to provide instant answers to students’ questions. This can be incredibly useful, especially for students who struggle with a particular subject or concept. Instead of waiting for a teacher to respond to an email or schedule an office hours appointment, students can get the help they need, or at least get pointed in the right direction, right away.

This can be particularly helpful in the case of emergencies, such as when a student is struggling to complete an assignment or study for an exam. ChatGPT can also help personalize learning for each student. The AI program can track a students’ progress and provide tailored feedback based on their performance. This can help teachers identify areas where a student is struggling and provide additional resources to help them improve. The AI program can also recommend additional materials for the student to review, based on their individual learning style and pace.

AI programs can also save teachers a lot of time. Instead of answering the same questions repeatedly, teachers can direct students to the AI programs. This frees up time for teachers to focus on other tasks, such as lesson planning and grading. The AI programs can also handle routine tasks, such as setting reminders and scheduling appointments.

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