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Future School IT Network and Technology Needs

By Joseph Ferdinando, president, HotHeadTech.com

If the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic has taught us anything, it is that the world is changing and that it is necessary that we change with it. Services once considered essential to everyday life have been shown to be non-critical, and entire sectors of the economy such as business conferencing and education have been revolutionized.

The use of IP technology has evolved from simply being a way to connect computers, and it has transformed into a means to connect people. Nowadays, IP technology finds use in all walks of life, but the sector in which it has the greatest potential to do the most good is undoubtedly education. IP technology, when leveraged in the form of voice and video communication has the potential to change schooling as we know it.

This can be achieved through its impact on improving security, unifying communications systems, streamlining digital media systems, and enhancing mobility.

Improved Security

The world is beginning to take data security and information safety more seriously, and IP technology offers a unique way to blend a variety of security technologies with embedded security in routing and switching platforms to give your school network the best possible protection. Some of the network technologies available to be leveraged by IP technology include:

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