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Tools4ever Joins the Student Data Privacy Consortium To Address Growing Data Privacy Concerns

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Tools4ever, a leading provider of identity and access management solutions in education, announces its membership to the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC). The SDPC is a collaborative of schools; districts; regional, territories and state agencies; policymakers; trade organizations; and marketplace providers. SDPC strives to address real-world, adaptable, and implementable solutions aimed at data privacy concerns.

The Consortium also leverages work done by numerous partner organizations but focuses on issues being faced by “on-the-ground” practitioners. To this end, Tools4ever, an active leader in student data privacy, is strengthening its commitment to this call by becoming a vendor member of the SDPC.

“Tools4ever has served schools and districts for more than 20 years through our identity and access governance solutions, so this collaboration marks a natural culmination of our efforts in the sector,” said Tom Mowatt, managing director of Tools4ever. “The SDPC has a phenomenal group of participants, and we are pleased to work alongside them.”

The SDPC is designed to address the day-to-day, multi-faceted issues that schools, states, territories, and vendors face when protecting learner information in the real world. The organization works to develop common activities, artifacts, templates, tools, and effective practices that can be leveraged through a collaboration of end-users and marketplace providers, including information security vendors like Tools4ever.

“The Student Data Privacy Consortium is inspired by the increasing number of educational stakeholders joining the community and showing their commitment to student data privacy,” said Penny Murray, the community director of SDPC. “With schools, states, and vendor members collaborating in the development of shared Data Privacy Agreements (DPA), the community is reducing burdens and streamlining contracting processes.

“An increasing number of vendors are recognizing the importance of showcasing their applications through the SDPC Resource Registry and we are delighted to welcome Tools4ever into the community,” Murray added.

For further information about the SDPC, visit https://privacy.A4L.org.